Is it just me, or does it seem like the stuff you have to do as a filmmaker is never-ending!

No one really prepares you for just how much goes into all the different layers of preparation - the website, the twitter, the Facebook page, the indiegogo campaign... the blog!!!

I've just bent my head around understanding the functionality of this J Bunting Johnson website! Was it necessary going forward to have something that houses my stuff? Definitely! .. But this is also definitely NOT what my idea of a good time looks like!

Ultimately, the thing that actually excites me - and the reason that makes all the other stuff worthwhile - is the idea of producing ideas.. like, from right out of your mind! The idea of giving your imagination a platform, when no one else might.. that, to me, is kinda sexy!

So I find myself here.. posting my first blog.. ever! And hopefully the first of many as I really intend to record my progress as I go.. which I'm sure won't always be easy.. or fun.. but, you know, hopefully engaging, possibly entertaining and more than likely educational.. even if only for the choices you DON'T wanna make!

... and, you know, we all learn from each other right? particularly in the film community.