The Light; Urban Chronicles, episode 1


A collection of captured sights and sounds from episode 1 of The Light; Urban Chronicles series, focusing on pre production, rehearsals and the shoot itself.  

The Light; Urban Chronicles series expands the myth of Urban Stranger, the all seeing figure from The Light short film. He intercepts the needy at junctures of heightened turmoil, deliciously prodding them - for good or bad - to see the light: 

Episode 1 tells the story of Anne, a visiting carer trapped in an elevator with Urban Stranger. A battle of wills reveals an astonishing revelation, culminating in the most terrifying decision of Anne's life.

Episodes of The Light; Urban Chronicles have excitingly garnered selections at UK Offline Webfest (finalist), LiftOff Film Festival (both Sydney and Melbourne), Direct Monthly Online, UK Monthly Film Festival, Cardiff Mini Film Festival, Digital Creators UK Web Series Screening Room and Women Over 50 Film Festival.