The Light; Urban Chronicles, episode 5


The Light; Urban Chronicles, Episode 5 filmed in Harelsden, Epping Forrest and Waltham Abbey over the last two weekends of August, 2020. Fresh blood was brought in for the crew in the form of Derick Ogole, Alessandra Bellini and Maciej Londo, to add to old hands and returnees Angeline Hadman (1st AD) and Dan Read (DoP), in what turned out to be quite possibly the most exhilerating, unpredictable and fun experience of the series so far..

Episodes of The Light; Urban Chronicles have thus far excitingly garnered selections at UK Offline Webfest (finalist), LiftOff Film Festival (both Sydney and Melbourne), Direct Monthly Online, UK Monthly Film Festival, Cardiff Mini Film Festival, Digital Creators UK Web Series Screening Room and Women Over 50 Film Festival.